The light filters in discreetly and illuminates furnishings with deep tones of cobalt blue, peacock and teal, precious details in light marble and brass. We are in the heart of Brera in central Milan, at that point where the historic district tends towards the contemporary vibration of the new area of ​​Porta Nuova. The activity of the restaurant begins with preparations for the evening, there is an energy of awakening that breaks the silence. Jacopo and Leonardo Signani Corsi are the souls of this place with a warm and international atmosphere. Pacifico is a welcoming place, where the design played on the dark light and the study of light convey a sense of relaxation and comfort. Thanks to the happy intuitions of the two owners who launched the challenge of creating the first Nikkei restaurant in Milan. The Nikkei cuisine is Peruvian cuisine with Japanese influences, two so different cultures that come together to create dishes with contrasting flavors and aromas. A success story that comes from the complicity and affection of two brothers, two young Italian entrepreneurs engaged in the field of food, hotels and lifestyle.

1 – Brothers, friends, accomplices, how do you keep this harmony?

I believe that it is the merit of our parents who have managed to convey a sense of serenity to us. We are complementary, having different skills and training, so neither of them crosses into the other. We are very similar but also very different, this helps us both on a personal and a work level.

2 – What did you guys study?

I am an architect and I studied at the Politecnico di Milan, while Leonardo studied economics at the Cattolica University.

3 – Is there a division of roles or do you decide everything together?

Absolutely yes, even for different training. I am the creative and strategic part, I have always dealt with this, I worked for several years in the studio of designer Giovannoni. Leonardo is the managerial and managerial part.

4 – The success of Pacifico was your first goal, how did you do it?

At the base of the success is the formula that we have created, a perfect storm that fell on Milan. Nikkei cuisine was exploding all over the world and no one had ever brought it to Italy: Japanese influences and traditional Peruvian cuisine, a mix born of the great Japanese immigration in Peru. The concept of the restaurant has also contributed to its success: a contemporary place with an international atmosphere, nothing to do with ethnicity and Peru.

5 – Could we say that you have launched a real trend?

Let’s say it’s a format that has been much copied both in the menu and in the design. There is no trendy Milanese restaurant that has not included a plate of ceviche in its offer.

6 – What is the most successful dish?

I would say the ceviche. Ours is a gourmet interpretation. We have one of the best Peruvian chefs in the world, who works constantly on our menu.

7 – What other projects are you involved in besides Pacifico?

We are preparing for the launch of Holy. A large fund has believed in this project we have been working on for years, so we are about to go out with an international distribution.

8 – What is Holy?

It is a wellness drink based on vitamins and mineral salts that will revolutionize the gas drinks market. The drinks related to the world of wellness are always artisanal like juices and extracts that have a short duration, while we aim at the large market with a worldwide distribution.

jacopo leonardo signani pacifico PPM the talent of mr

10 – Is there still a talent and an Italian lifestyle required and appreciated in the world?

Absolutely yes, both in terms of product quality and experience. Traveling, eating, living in Italy, still makes the difference.

11 – What do you think of Milan right now?

It is our city that welcomed us, when we arrived here from Carrara to study. We have learned so much in these years and now as young entrepreneurs we feel we are returning something, that we have brought something new. In the last fifteen years we have experienced the various phases of the city, and now we feel a truly extraordinary atmosphere and energy.

Interview by Alessio De’ Navasques
Photo by Andrea Buccella