Storytelling recounts the details as they are of an organic journey, from starting point to turning point.

In September 2014, a bizarre idea takes shape, extraordinary and uplifting, reimagining the normal production of knitwear, jackets and more, and the development of an EDITION 1 EAU DE PARFUM signed by PAOLO PECORA Milano, composed of four iconic fragrances: BIGLI – NIRONE – MAGENTA – SENATO.

Urban destinations, street and roads, faces, smells, metropolitan spaces, the city of Milan, his world, his city, the Milan of today, hectic, evocative, enveloping, capable of transforming signs into meaning, perception into vision.

The idea becomes a concrete Executive Project following a professional meeting with Mirko Buffini, CEO of WAKA srl Officina Olfattiva. Through preparatory meetings, exchange of ideas, and thematic studies on creating prestigious Olfactory Pyramids, the desired result is brilliantly achieved to the satisfaction of both parties.

A turning point, a jumping off that leads, in May 2015, to the integrated development of an EDITION 2 ESSENCE D’AMBIANCE – Bougies Parfumées Parfum & GUN – four new fragrance proposals: TONKA – AMBER – FIG – PATCHOULI .

The future includes an EDITION 3, already identified and underway, driven by enthusiasm, affirmation, a nod to the commercial market and an embracing of the values surrounding perfume productions, signed by PAOLO PECORA Milano.