Private and public spaces, houses both big and small, villas, castles, sea and mountain homes, annexes, professional and corporate firms, meeting rooms, stores, offices, places of worship, gyms, museums, art galleries, theaters, and more still.

Areas, volumes, protected atmospheres, which the enlightened wayfarer breathes, lives, savors, shares, day after day, to meet his own destiny.

Public and private spaces of which the contemporary flaneur makes use to fulfill hidden desires, to resolve bureaucracy, to get in shape, to feel the Zeitgeist, to read the paper, to enrich his critical eye, to buy a jewel, to meet his Beloved, to reflect on Heidegger’s Being in the World; all of this in the sublimely exalted company of Essence d’Ambiance – Parfum Gun & Bougie Parfumée – signed Paolo Pecora Milano.