Paolo Pecora, founded in 2006 in Milan by the designer and entrepreneur Paolo Pecora, is a clothing company focused on Menswear and Kidswear, moreover a Knitwear specialist. In recent years the second generation of family led by Filippo and Carolina Pecora, respectively creative directors Menswear and Kidswear, is redefining new and unexpected creative and stylistic connections. The philosophy of the Brand is a vision of authentic and direct fashion, which returns an entirely Italian approach to life in its collections: positive, young and fresh. Paolo Pecora’s mission is an idea of ​​luxury accessible through well-made products designed to be used and loved for a long time. “Everything starts from the thread” is one of the family mottos, in fact the jersey is the starting point of the collection, a solid base of products that is found in many variations. This material, for which Paolo Pecora is known throughout the world, is declined in different colors, finishes and techniques for each season, thanks to  a great deal of research and experimentation. The possibility of redefining the perception of this material, which is renewed while remaining classic and current at the same time, allows the brand to address different age groups, customers and markets.