Paolo Pecora is a Milanese Menswear and Kidswear fashion brand specialised in knitwear.
“When I think of our brand style, I see the Italian sartorial culture revisited in a contemporary way that reflects my personal vision” – explains Paolo Pecora. Established through a process of renewal of the tailoring concept, excellence in knitwear and an extensive tactile know-how, Paolo Pecora represents a brand that can appeal different generations of Men. Defined by a subtle elegance without exhibitionism with an eye on exquisite details, Paolo Pecora reinterprets the codes and language of the affordable luxury, within Menswear. Following the modern lifestyle needs, the brand mixes ready-to-wear elements and casualwear focusing on a flexible com- bination of suits integrated with performance elements, such as Jersey Tailoring that is gaining importance. Dedicated to who have a penchant for details without showing off.